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Okay everyone needs to hear this.

It is safe to assume that nearly every piece of fucking information that is seen on the news regarding the rescue mission that is taking place is fake.

When it was reported that people where pumping oxygen into the ferry, they were in process of fucking setting it up.

When they reported that the rescue crew reached the cafeteria with students inside? it was fucking false, they didn’t even get near it.

A total of 555 rescuers 121 helicopters and 169 boats were sent to help? FUCK BARELY 200 PEOPLE ARRIVED 2 fucking helicopters 10 boats were sent.

But most importantly, on the first day this whole thing happened, information was given out that all the students were rescued, so rescue teams along with the parents were idle, thinking that everything was fucking fine. The day was clear, and there was no turbulence, if the reports were sent out correctly, at least 80% of the people would have been rescued on the first fucking day. But now all the crew is doing is coming up with more excuses that the weather is bad, the water is too high, blah fucking blah

Not only that, not just with the whole deal of misinformation the reporters have fucking shit for brains and what do they do? They crowd around survivors, mostly students, and ask ‘Oh how do you feel about your classmates dying.” YOU CALL THAT A FUCKING QUESTION???

Also, BECAUSE the public saw that the rescue team was incompetent, ordinary people with diving experience started to come by with their gear to help out BUT OH MY FUCKING GOD

They were told to go back because they didn’t get authorization to help out. Okay I get it. Having inexperienced civilians dive head first into the situation could have been bad okay BUT THERE WAS BARELY ANY EXPLANATION GIVEN TO THEM AS TO WHY THEY COULDN’T HELP AND PEOPLE WERE BEING FUCKING RUDE ABOUT IT. AND when the parent there said okay fine then send us professional helpers they WERE FUCKING IGNORED.

Some of the civilian helpers couldn’t even reach the sight because the fucking shithead reporters were blocking the sight with their cars.

AND meanwhile, as ALL THIS HAPPENS our government is passing some shady ass laws.

AND the people have TRIED to put out videos and information regarding what REALLY happening BUT a video got deleted 2 seconds after it got posted on Facebook.

I don’t know what the fuck our government and military is doing but the rescue mission has been on hold for nearly 10 fucking hours and

the main point here is that it is being reported that everything is fine and dandy and they SOO many people are helping and whatnot when things are not getting done.


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